Functional programming

Ouzo provides many utility classes that facilitate functional programming in php.

  • Arrays contains facade for php arrays functions. You will never wonder if array_filter has array or closure as the first parameter.
  • Functions contains static utility methods returning closures that can be used with Arrays and FluentArray.
  • FluentArray provides an interface for manipulating arrays in a chained fashion.
  • FluentIterator provides an interface for manipulating iterators in a chained fashion.
  • FluentFunctions provides an interface for composing functions in a chained fashion.

Example 1

Let’s assume that you have a User class that has a method isCool. You have an array of users and want to check if any of them is cool.

Pure php:

function isAnyCool($users) {
    foreach($users as $user) {
        if ($user->isCool()) {
            return true;
    return false;


function isAnyCool($users) {
    return Arrays::any($users, function($user) {
        return $user->isCool();

or using Functions::extract():

$anyCool = Arrays::any($users, Functions::extract()->isCool());

Similarly, you may want to check if all of them are cool:

$allCool = Arrays::all($users, Functions::extract()->isCool());

Example 2

Let’s assume that you have a User class that has a list of addresses. Each address has a type (like: home, invoice etc.) and User has getAddress($type) method.

Now, let’s write a code that given a list of users, returns a lists of unique non-empty cities from users’ home addresses.

Pure php:

$cities = array_unique(array_filter(array_map(function($user) {
   $address = $user>getAddress('home');
   return $address? $address->city : null;
}, $users)));


$cities = FluentArray::from($users)

Example 3

If the array/iterator is very long and you are interested only in a small subset or processing is time consuming, you may want to use FluentIterator so that all operations are performed lazily (and only if necessary).

$activityReports = FluentIterator::from($users)

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Composing functions

Class FluentFunctions allows you to easily compose functions from Functions.

$usersWithSurnameStartingWithB =
      Arrays::filter($users, FluentFunctions::extractField('surname')->startsWith('B'));

is equivalent of:

$usersWithSurnameStartingWithB = Arrays::filter($users, function($user) {
    $extractField = Functions::extractField('name');
    $startsWith = Functions::startsWith('B');
    return $startsWith($extractField($product));

Another example:

$bobs = Arrays::filter($users, FluentFunctions::extractField('name')->equals('Bob'));

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