Locale files are placed under locales directory. File names are used as locale names, e.g.

  • en.php - contains English words
  • pl.php - contains Polish words

Locale files are simple arrays. Each translations has got its corresponding label in array.

return [
    'ouzo' => 'Ouzo',
    'framework' => 'Framework'

Translating based on label

Translations are found by label. So for the previous example, locales can be used such as: echo I18n:t('ouzo');

It will print Ouzo. When label is not found in array, label itself is returned.

Using t function in views

ViewHelper defines t function. It is a convenient alias for I18n::t:

<?= t('ouzo') ?>

Hierarchical labels

In order to create more complex structures multi-dimensional arrays are supported, e.g.:

return [
    'hello' => [
        'world' => 'Hi, world!'

Each level of array is combined by dot when using in t method:

echo I18n::t('hello.world');


Ouzo supports translation parameters. There can be as many parameters given as we need. Parameters are referenced in translations by %{name}. E.g.

return [
    'introduction' => 'My name is %{name}.'


<?= t('introduction', ['name' => 'Jon Snow']) ?>


Whenever there is a need to distinguish between singular and plural forms, pluralizeBasedOn comes in handy.

First, we need to specify all forms (number of forms is determined by locale, e.g. 2 for English):

return [
    'dog' => '%{count} dog|%{count} dogs'


<?= t('dog', ['count' => $count], pluralizeBasedOn($count)) ?>

It will print:

  • 1 dog for count = 1
  • 2 dogs for count = 2
  • 3 dogs for count = 3
  • etc.

pluralizeBasedOn is a method in I18n class as well as function available in views (as an alias defined in ViewHelper).

Configuring language

I18n determines current language by configuration parameter named language. By default en is used.

Getting labels

All labels can be retrieved by:

$labels = I18n::labels();

If we want particular level of translations, we can specify it as a parameter:

$labels = I18n::labels('hello');

PhpStorm IDE support

Ouzo PhpStorm plugin is a must-have if you work with multi-language project. Check it out at: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/7565?pr= (it can be installed directly from PhpStorm’s settings). It contains a number of handy functions and refactorings which makes it very easy to create and manage translations in your apps.